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#TrackMyPack - Reducing packaging waste

As the market evolves at an ever increasing pace, with developments in technology as well as resource cost increases we believe that the old take make dispose model is no longer economically viable for packaging.

We realised that we need a lower cost, hassle free, reusable, low impact packaging solution; we have also realized that technology is available to deliver differently. So we have created “#trackmypack” which ultimately will offer a reusable traceable packaging service creating an intelligent industry solution which no longer relies on single use materials.

So what’s this going to look like? Imagine a pallet, now imagine it has a GPS tag on it, which enables it to be traced, collected and bought back to be reused for a second, a third and fourth life.

This is an active data point applied to existing mainstream transit, allowing understanding of the flows of packaging and building a case to design better, more robust packaging destined for multiple uses, with the guarantee and proven track record of getting that material back.

Imagine no longer having to send shrink wrap, bearers and other disposable materials onto your customer’s site, giving them a waste to dispose of.

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Zachary Rootes Oct 11, 2018

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Chris Sherwin 11 months ago

this is dead clever