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Office 3.0 by Carlo Ratti Associati

Open plan and flexible workspaces are becoming more prevalent, but the environmental preferences are difficult to cater for, with most workspaces employing a one-size-fits-all environment for large open areas. The Office 3.0 design principles allow for all user preferences to be catered for, reducing energy use and increasing user comfort.

Architecture firm Carlo Ratti’s refurbishment of the Agnelli Foundation’s headquarters in Turin employs devices and building services connected via the Internet of Things that enables a personalised heating, cooling and lighting system that can follow occupants around the building.

The building is littered with sensors that monitor different sets of data, including the location of the building’s occupants, temperature, CO2 concentration, and the availability of meeting rooms. Building occupants can set their preferences for a variety of metrics via a supplied smartphone app, which then communicates with the building management system (BMS) to adjust environmental conditions as the user moves around the building.


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