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Buildings As Materials Banks (BAMB) Materials Passport

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Portal Bot | Oct 15, 2018 | in Reusing Materials

The new BAMB Materials Passports platform will fill a gap in the marketplace by providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ to describe Circular Economy value across the building cycle, especially for using and re-using components and materials, and reducing generation of waste.

A main aim is to support transition of the building industry from linear to circular by letting users identify value potential throughout the building cycle, from planning and construction through occupancy, repairs, renovations, repurposing and decommissioning, and by providing a continuous capacity to track component and materials quality & modifications.

The platform also connects individual products to their use in buildings. As part of that it includes a capacity to describe materials health. A large body of studies suggests that healthier buildings improve productivity and are one of the main economic benefits of knowing what’s in your building.

The Materials Passports Platform, currently a prototype forming the core of a materials passport system, is ready for testing by industry partners!

The members of the BAMB consortium invite companies that manufacture building materials and products, to use the platform to start developing Materials Passports.

Portal Bot Oct 15, 2018

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