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Understanding the value of waste products with the Urban Mine Platform

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Portal Bot | Oct 15, 2018 | in Reusing Materials

Currently limited to vehicles, batteries and electronic waste, the Urban Mine Platform is an initiative by Prospecting Secondary Raw Materials in the Urban Mine and Mining Wastes (ProSUM) designed to build awareness and quantify the availability of valuable materials ripe for scrap mining.

Given a smartphone alone contains approximately 40 critical raw materials, with a concentration of gold 25 to 30 times that of the richest primary gold ores, there’s a decent incentive. And it’s better for the planet too, as the researchers estimate that mining discarded tech for gold would have a carbon footprint 80% smaller than primary mining operations.

“Three years in the making, this consolidated database is the world's first 'one stop shop' knowledge data platform on CRMs in waste products - easy to access, structured, comprehensive, peer-reviewed, up-to-date, impartial, broad in scope, standardised and harmonised, and verifiable,” said Pascal Leroy, secretary general of the WEEE (waste electronic and electric equipment) Forum in a statement.

Portal Bot Oct 15, 2018

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