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Growing Bricks with Bacteria

bioMASON’s technology uses microorganisms to grow biocement™ based construction materials which are produced in ambient temperatures using locally available materials, without fuel for firing the material. bioMASON enables savings in energy costs and zero carbon emissions.

The manufacture of concrete, one of the most energy intensive materials, uses limestone shale converted into Portland cement through high-heat processes. Global cement production in 2008 amounted 2.8 billion tons, with equivalent quantities of CO2 released into the atmosphere. Both concrete and clay manufacturing include energy intensive processes for raw material extraction, transportation, and fuel sources for heating kilns.

The cement industry accounts for approximately 5% of global carbon dioxide emissions. bioMASON grow materials by employing microorganisms to grow cement.

The process of growing bricks is similar to hydroponics- whereby units mixed with the microorganism are fed an aqueous solution to harden the bricks to specification. Traditional bricks are formed in brick units and then fired for hardening.

bioMASON’s process simply eliminates the need for firing by replacing the curing/hardening process with the formation of biologically controlled structural cement.




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