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Charities, schools, NHS trusts and other not for profit organisations are feeling the pinch as their funding tightens. Often these good causes are spending money on kit that construction projects are putting into skips on site. All projects have an element of reusable kit on site, whether it be the strip out of furniture, fixtures and fittings from an office block to pallets, excess materials and shuttering on a project that’s still in the ground. Donating this kit to good causes that need...

Steve Sliney
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Steve Sliney

Steve Sliney

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Bio Charities, schools, the NHS and other not for profit organisations are feeling the pinch as funding tightens. At the same time, construction projects are putting perfectly reusable materials, furniture and equipment into skips or landfill. Collecteco works with companies across the UK to donate surplus kit to good causes. It's win, win, win - great for the environment, great for connecting with communities and great for generating social value case studies. We build relationships with our clients to plan when surplus kit may become available on projects and match this to demand from good causes on our system. Our proactive approach understands that companies want to do the right thing, but also need projects to run on time and on budget.

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